Why you should tweet and post to Facebook when you post a comment on any blog

If you are a blogger or involved with SEO, then you will know of the importance of backlinks for your websites to help with increasing your search engine ranking positions. In fact many comment and interact just to get their backlinks built. Others get involved with the community, add their comments and also gain a backlink in the process of them doing so.

These backlinks over time can build up to a very substantial amount. You can gain a lot of leverage and exposure by utilising this method as part of your SEO strategy…

… But you might be missing a super trick in doing so

What trick is that?

First you need to understand the problems many face whenever they are building their comments and backlinks for their sites. They struggle to get their links and comments indexed and picked up by the search engine spiders. They know they have many more links built out around the web, but they are not showing up for them, no matter what.

How do they resolve this?

To resolve this issue many look to build backlinks to their backlinks. They simply ‘boost’ the pages where their link is built. They ensure the search engine spiders have as many avenues to take and find their backlink waiting to be indexed.

There are many different ways to go and ‘boost’ your links and I would like to mention one method that many normally overlook whenever they are blog commenting. Not only that, but it would only take them a few extra seconds to implement this and help boost their links right on the page they are building their comment on.

What is it then?

If you take a look around my blog you will notice that my blog is like many other sites and has several tools and plugins in use to assist people with their blog commenting. I have the Commentluv plugin installed and openly welcome good relevant comments. I will publish good comments, but delete the spammy comments without a second thought. In fact, I invite people to interact on my blog, and in return they can get up to two links from utilising the Commentluv plugin right here on the blog.

You will also notice I have provided the Sexy Bookmarks plugins for you to share my posts and pages with others that you may find of interest. How Cool …

Here’s the thing, if you tweeted, liked and bookmarked my posts to your accounts you are also building a backlink to your own links as well as my post/page. You share; the spiders notice the link on your twitter account, visits the site and indexes your backlink.

Win, Win for all …

So what I advise you to do whenever you are getting out there and building your backlinks or even interacting with the community to look to share a little more often. Like the posts or tweet out the post and you are in fact increasing your own links as well.

This is my reason for adding both the Commentluv plugin and the Sexy Bookmarks plugin …

… So share the love